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HRIS Advisory Services, Governance and Support

Our industry experience in the implementation of various HRIS (Payroll & HR systems) ensures that we can provide a service to organisations, to manage and advise on projects, which varies from the scoping of fit for purpose software solutions, budgeting, project management, resource planning, data clean-up projects, etc. to ensure a successful implementation. We act as liaison between the project teams and leadership to ensure requirements and expectations are managed and met.

Payroll Outsourcing Services Logo

Payroll Outsourcing Services

Due to the current economic situation, our team of experienced specialists, assist organisations to lighten their resource burden by providing both software infrastructure, as well as complete on or off-site (customised to the clients requirements) payroll processing services. Thus mitigating the risk component of legislative non-compliance and enabling organisations to focus on their core business.

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Job Design and Architecture

We do a complete analysis of overall jobs required within an organisation in relation to its hierarchy. Each job is designed to determine attributes, competencies, performance requirements, grading and pay scales. This all links back to the overall organisational strategy and objectives. The design process forms the foundation for all HR and Payroll strategic initiatives.

Practice, Process and Policy Design Logo

Practice, Process and Policy Design

We create practices, processes and policy frameworks in the HR and Payroll value chain, that will ensure complete understanding and insights to the requirements related to either a job or an employee’s output, thereby enabling a working environment that cultivates healthy employee / employer relationships.

Payroll and HR Practice Health Checks Logo

Payroll and HR Practice Health Checks

A detailed analysis is performed on payroll and HR related information, by our specialists, to ensure compliance to various legislations, company policies and practices. A GAP analysis is provided to the organisational leadership teams to ensure that all identified issues are addressed and risks mitigated.

Recruitment (Payroll & HR Resources) & Induction and Onboarding Program Design Logo

Recruitment (Payroll & HR Resources) & Induction and Onboarding Program Design

We specialise in providing the right talent for any Payroll or Human Resource position. We also assist in designing customised induction and onboarding programs that provides not only an employee value proposition, but also alignment to organisational policies, procedures and processes to ensure overall compliance.


Positive Psychology Programs Logo

Positive Psychology Programs

We created programs to enable a person to focus on the positive influences in their lives, rather than be derailed emotionally and mentally by their negative thinking and outlook, to be more optimistic and therefore improving on their quality of life.

Assessments and Background Checks Logo

Assessments and Background Checks

Due to an unpredictable and fast changing business environment there are may components that presents a moving target towards building and maintaining a high performance organisation. Therefore especially during the selection to employ or promote process (to name only a few) we provide a service that includes competency based assessments as well as general background checks as inherently required by the job.

Skills Assessments Logo

Skills Assessments

We assist organisations in the process to assess and measure the level of abilities and skill of current and new employees to determine the gaps and enable focused training interventions and planning.

Learning and Development Program Implementation and Content Development Logo

Learning and Development Program Implementation and Content Development

Our specialists, develop customised training content that can either be accredited by the company or as per SETA requirements. The content is not system specific but rather developed as per the clients needs.




Solution Recommendation

Business Requirement Research



Project Release Plan

Sprint Plan



GAP analysis
(As-is vs To-be)



Solution Project Implementation

Sprint Plan Implementation



Pre-deployment testing

Adoption initiatives and change management

Results assessment

Process results assessment



Project completion and roll-out

End–user adoption support



Project completion close-out



Post deployment assessment (6 month follow up)